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Music with a Mission


Music with a Mission is a publishing, production company and songwriting team located in Fort Myers, Florida.  We create projects in a diverse range of musical styles. If you are interested in contacting the team for production of music customized to your recording, film or television project, or if you would like to purchase any of the music you have heard on this website, please contact us at info@musicwithamission.net.

Music With a Mission

The Music with a Mission team consists of:

Cathy Madigan Eagle

A brisk spray of seawater douses your body as you crest the wave and capture its energy. Your skin tingles and muscles stretch as you bring the windsurfer back to the breeze...and suddenly discover clear sailing ahead as far as the eye can see."

It's a favorite moment for musician and songwriter Cathy Madigan Eagle...and a bit of insight into her passion for writing and performing.

From the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico...A truly gifted singer, songwriter and guitarist, Cathy Madigan Eagle has been sharing her musical talent since she was eleven years old. Growing up in Michigan's upper peninsula, surrounded by the majesty of ancient forests and rugged natural coastline, Cathy found a style routed in acoustic folk/rock. Adding blues, classics, and some country opened doors for performances throughout Michigan, Canada, and Southwest Florida.

Sharing the strength and passion within...Cathy began writing heavily in l994 and the journey took her into the gospel music genre. She wrote and recorded over fifty songs, producing two albums, "Embraced by the Son" and "Give Me Wings to Fly". Her single, "Bless Me Indeed", based on the book The Prayer of Jabez, was released in August of 2001 and received heavy rotation on Christian radio stations from Southwest Florida to Ontario, Canada. It has recently been translated into Spanish.

She was featured in the December 2000 issue of Gulf Coast Woman and became a finalist at the Babbie Mason Music Seminar in Atlanta in 2001 for the performance of her original song, "Seeds of Praise". She was the featured artist at "An Evening With Katharine Harris", Florida's Secretary of State, at the Naples Beach Hotel and was the special music guest at a dinner featuring CNN host Alan Keyes at the Sanibel Harbour Resort and Spa. More recently, Cathy traveled to Nashville to perform at Sip of Seattle, a coffee house in the heart of downtown Nashville. She is a member of the Nashville Songwriters Association International, Gospel Music Association and ASCAP(The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers).

A fresh, natural approach...Throughout it all, Cathy is energized by her love of the outdoors and life's simpler pleasures. While piloting her boat among the Gulf islands or sitting on a moonlit beach, the music is in her heart. The rhythms and revelations of her songs flow naturally. And the joy resounds in every chord of her music.


- Very nice sense of individuality and originality...
- Nice recording, and very appropriate stylistic approach to the recordings...

Gospel Music Association, Nashville, Tennessee

- Cathy's graceful voice and guitar talent weave a beautiful picture that carefully communicates a message to the listener. Her album 'Embraced by the Son' delivers a ministry with a gentle touch ...

Ron Maxwell, WSOR-FM/OnlineAudio.com, Fort Myers, Florida

- Very nice vocal tone and terrific interpretation...Great presentation.
- Great presentation. Very focused materials, that work together nicely to accurately and consistently communicate the heart and soul of the artist.

Gospel Music Association, Nashville, Tennessee

Michael J.

Michael J. is one of the nations busiest and most in-demand performers, arrangers, producers and composers. His studio and performance work runs the gamut of musical styles, from Pop, Rap and Country to New Age, Jazz, Contemporary Christian and even traditional Latin and Latin pop. He has played in studio orchestras on soundtracks for films such as the "Rocky" series, works as a keyboard player on the road for a variety of  artists, and performs at home regularly with his Jazz trio, the Michael J. Trio.

Under the pseudonym mxl, he composes, produces and performs electronica/dance music. His latest album, "mxlopolis" can be found on this website.

Michael is an ASCAP member in good standing. If you would like to contact him about a musical project, send an eMail to mxl@mxlopolis.com.